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How To Make A Resume For Personal Trainer Job?

Are you applying as a Personal Trainer in your nearest health and fitness gym? You have an experience before but the one you are applying right now is much bigger and more professionals who need personal training services than your previous employer. You want to apply in this newly constructed health and fitness gym in your area and you are aware of the big income that you can make in this gym. This article will help you to start creating your resume.

Before drafting any word in your resume in front of the computer, you have to brainstorm what are the main subject to input in your application. Such subjects are the following: (1) Objective / Goals; (2) Experiences; (3) Certifications; (4) Training and Workshops; (5) Education; (6) Achievements; and your (7) Other Skills. The next paragraph in this article will elaborate the subjects given.

But before elaborating, you have to be conscious that upon printing your finish resume, donít ever print it to any colored paper. You are not applying for a fashion show. Use a legal white paper printed in a black ink (no special colored ink except for your picture).

Now, upon writing your first part of the resume, you have to settle your Objective and Goals, why are you applying as a personal trainer in their gym. Upon drafting your objective and goals, donít ever write your advance information that you can earn more in their gym (although at the back of your mind, you are after the money).

Then the second part in your resume, you have to mention all of your Experiences, even if you work from not related personal trainer job, you have to state it all into your resume. Next, you have to mention also if you are already a certified personal trainer, where did you get it and the date you got it. And if ever, youíre not yet certified, you still obliged to mention it and promise to take the certification as soon as possible. And if you do the promises in your resume, make sure that you do that after you were hired to avoid firing out of the job before your regularization month.

If you have any Training and Workshops attended in relation with the personal trainer job, draft it all from present to past. Then, mention also your Educational Background (with or without relation in your desired position). Then also an Achievements if any is a plus (e.g. youíre part of a success of a weightlifter champion) and lastly mentioning other skills such as computer literate and more.

After drafting all the subjects needed in your Personal Trainer resume in front of the computer before placing a white legal paper in the printer, you have to recheck your data if there are any wrong info and grammatical errors. And one thing more that you have to put valid contact information such as mobile numbers, landline numbers, email address and more. Make sure that your email address is not inbox full to avoid mail bouncing back to your employer if they decided to hire you or else they will feel embarrassing.

And your mobile must always online so that anytime they want to contact you, you are available. And lastly, all the words youíve mentioned in your resume must be in your mind so that in the interview, you are aware because in the interview, they are only reviewing what you have written. Goodluck.


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