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How To Be A Personal Trainer?

Maybe you are wondering that you want to apply for a Personal Trainer job but you are not sure if you are qualified. To give you a beautiful introduction, there are lots of gym, health and fitness club needing a personal trainer for their clients. Most of the gyms right now are struggling to their client for a minimal support of a personal trainer because the ratio is 1:10 gym clients per hour. This article will help you in how to become a personal trainer.

First of all, you must be well-fitted. You regularly do your exercise to tone your muscles to make you one of the sexiest individual particularly in your community. Then, you study hard as well as work hard to be a certified personal trainer. If possible, get your personal training certification to the well known personal training association or organization that gives certification.

You have to prepare your resume as prescribe by all the personal trainers association in hiring a personal trainer. But before typing any letter in your personal training curriculum vitae in front of the computer, you have to come up with what are the main topics to enter in your submission. The following topics are: (1) Your Goals and Objectives; (2) Your Experiences; (3) Your Certifications; (4) Your Training and Workshops; (5) Your Education; (6) Your Achievements; and (7) Your Other Skills.

Then, if you already polished your personal training curriculum vitae, you are now ready to submit it. But before that, make sure that you donít have any typographical errors or the worse is you have grammatical errors. You have to read at least twice in every page. Check also your margin in each sidesóOne inch by one inch in all sides. Then you have to print it in a legal size white bond paper. Warning: no extra colored papers just like the other woman did.

You are now applying like a fashion model. Make sure also that whatever you put in your curriculum vitae, you memorized it because most of the interviewers ask their interviewees depends what is written in the vitae. To add more first impression in your interviewer, you have to spray for a gently perfume or cologne. Even though, you are applying as a personal trainer, you have to hand over your curriculum vitae in a formal dress but you have to bring with you an extra fitness attire in case they want you to train and observe you how to train your prospective clients inside the gym.

Now, Iím sure, you are ready to go to health and fitness gym to apply as a Personal Trainer. Remember this, you have to pray first so that you will surely 100% hired.

But in case if you are applying as a Freelance Personal Trainer, make sure that you create your own network that will help you to market yourself. If possible, you can make a website about your fitness services which includes personal training at home with discounts in most of your services.

If you found one prospective client, donít ever mention first about your payment scheme. You have to introduce first all your services then your education, training and certification and wait your client to ask about your payment scheme. And if your client is not happy with your scheme, try lower your price and give them discount.


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